Basketball Shoes

What are Basketball Shoes?

Basketball shoes are an integral part of a basketball player's uniform. They are one of the few parts of a uniform that allows the player to differ from their teammates. Individuality is encouraged and each player is allowed to wear the brand and model of shoe they like, as the NBA recently changed its policy about limited the color of player's shoes. The rule used to require all players to have either black or white shoes or shoes that matched with team colors. Now, players can wear whatever color they feel like, allowing players to be more creative and stand out.

There are many different brands of basketball shoes. The most popular brands of basketball shoes right now are Nike and Adidas, but New Balance, Under Armour, and Puma are closing in due to recent endorsements from big time players.

Basketball Shoes

Signature Shoes

Most of the designs that are worn in organized basketball are created and endorsed by famous players, these are called signature shoes. Below are three examples of a player's signature shoe line. From left to right: Kevin Durant, Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant.

These are just 3 examples of many players who have their own shoe line. These companies will pay billions of dollars just to have an NBA player represent them and their shoes. For example, Zion Williamson, who has yet to play an NBA game, just signed a 75 million dollar deal with Nike. These kinds of deals are what many players hope for, and getting your own shoe line is a dream of many basketball players around the world.

Basketball Shoe Design and Aesthetics

Every shoe is made with a different design. Each brand has different goals, some desire to look the best, some want to be the most durable, and some want to help you jump the highest. Most basketball shoes are made as lightweight as possible so that players are quick on their feet and can move freely. Each shoe should contain enough cushion in the soles for both running for a long period of time as well as landing after repeated jumping. There also needs to be adequate ankle support, given the amount of sharp cuts a basketball player has to make throughout a game. Other more unique features of a basketball shoe include cooling technology and foot fitting foam.

Average Cost Per Pair

The price of a pair of basketball shoes is not cheap. On average a pair of basketball shoes that would be worn in the NBA costs anywhere between 150 and 250 dollars. Some people enjoy collecting as many basketball shoes as they can, and prices for older/rarer shoes can sour above $1000.

Types of Basketball Shoes

When you play basketball, whether it is on an indoor court or an outside court, you need the proper shoes to play. You could be at a disadvantage against your opponent and at risk for injury. It all depends on what shoes you wear.

Indoor Court Basketball Shoes

For an indoor court, $10 basketball shoes would not be recommended because the quality of the shoe would not be good enough. If the soles of the shoes are synthetic rubber, you might be sliding around the court, and possibly risk injury. Spending more money on shoes can help protect you from injury as well as allow you to reach your full basketball potential.The grip of the shoes and ankle support can help you avoid ankle injuries, some of the most common injuries in basketball.

Outdoor Court Basketball Shoes

On an outdoor court, it is the same thing, except you might not want to play in your $200 basketball shoes unless you have other pairs of shoes you play in for indoor basketball. You would want to use your old cheaper basketball shoes to make sure you don't scuff up your $200 shoes. If you do decide to wear your expensive shoes outside playing basketball, be aware that the bottom of the shoes won't grip as well as the indoor court. They will also get extremely dirty and can reduce durability of shoes.

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