Basketball Referee Shirts

What are basketball referee shirts?

Just like basketball teams have to wear kits during games, referees have their own dress code. All the referees involved in a basketball game should be easily recognizable by all players, coaches, fans, and television crews. With that, basketball referee shirts have to be distinguishable and all referees must have the same uniform.

Basketball Referee Shirts

What are Referee Shirts Like?

Referee shirts are made of light, breathable material, which allows referees to comfortably officiate the game. Basketball is a global game with several leagues worldwide, but there isn't a specific pattern that is followed by all basketball referees around the world. Since basketball is usually played indoors, it is recommended that referees use short sleeved shirts. Referees are always moving, and get sweaty quickly.

Although each country, league, or competition adopts its own pattern and color scheme, referee shirt colors are generally discrete.

NBA Referee Shirts

In the NBA, referees use a gray and black shirt, with the league's logo in the left part, and a number in their back.

NCAA Referee Shirts

In the NCAA, basketball officials wear the classic striped black and white shirts (similar to those NFL or NHL referees use). They have the American flag on their chest or sleeve.

Where to Purchase Basketball Referee Shirts

If you are refereeing for a league, they will likely give you instructions on how to obtain a shirt, or give you one themselves.

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