Basketball Pinnies

What are Basketball Pinnies?

Basketball pinnies are a type of uniform top in basketball. Pinnies, or most often called scrimmage vests or scrimmage tops, are a loose mesh fabric than regular basketball jerseys. Pinnies are worn during team scrimmages to split up the players into teams without having to wear the teams traditional game jerseys, keeping them from becoming dirty.

Practice Pinnies

Pinnies can be custom made for teams, with logos and special color patterns. However, it's much cheaper to buy standard pinnies and use them for practicing. You will most often see red and gray pinnies.

Warmup Games and Pinnies

Players may also wear pinnies during warm-ups for games or while on the bench if they're not going to get any playing time. This is usually reserved for high school and amateur basketball as most colleges and professional leagues have traditional warm-up suits for players.

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