Basketball Nose Guards

What are Basketball Nose Guards?

Basketball nose guards, often referred to as face shields, are a piece of protective equipment that players can wear to protect themselves from further face injuries after suffering from one. Some types of face injuries include being hit in the head, nose, or chin with the ball. A basketball or elbow to the nose could lead to a broken nose, which could result in four to six weeks of rest time for a player.

basketball nose guard

How Do Nose Guards Work?

Face guards are usually clear in color and come in a variety of sizes to fit a player of any age.

They are secured by strapping them around the head with velcro, sitting tightly on the nose and forehead. They can also take impact off of the player's head if it is hit due to the anti-shock properties they possess. Players in other sports wear nose guards as well, since face injuries are possible in baseball, football, and soccer.

Pros and Cons To Using a Nose Guard

Many players find that the nose guards are uncomfortable and distracting. Players take many risks when they choose to play without protective gear, however, so they will normally continue using them directly after an injury to keep their recovery on pace.

Where Can Nose Guards Be Purchased?

Nose guards can be purchased online or in any sports retailer. You can choose various types depending on the fit you desire for your face or the price you are willing to pay. Some guards provide more support around your forehead than others, but guards universally are open around the eyes and cover the nose.

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