Basketball Mouthguards

Basketball Mouth Guard

What are Basketball Mouthguards?

Basketball mouthguards are customizable pieces of plastic that basketball players wear in order to protect their mouths during play. The plastic fits into the groves of the teeth, holding it in place and protecting against impact, whether through contact with other players or grinding of the teeth. While they are not required, many players wear them to ensure that no damage is done to their teeth or mouths. Mouthguards can be customized by a dentist or purchased at a pharmacy, depending on how much money the athlete is willing to pay.

Why Wear a Mouthguard?

Mouthguards help athletes compete without worrying about any possible mouth injuries they could suffer. Basketball players like Stephen Curry and Lebron James are well known for wearing them, but have started controversy online because of their habit of taking them out and biting them. This can break the mouthguard, rendering it useless.

Mouthguards Prevent Serious Injuries

Statistics show that one in ten basketball players will suffer a mouth injury during just one season. Basketball is known as one of the sports with the highest mouth injury rate, due to the physicality and hard surface of the court. Despite the argument that they are uncomfortable and a hindrance to playing, more athletes have started wearing mouthguards as a precaution against these injuries, as dental surgery and repairs can be costly, painful, and take away from their playing time.

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