Basketball Kits

Basketball uniform

What are Basketball Kits?

Basketball kits is another term for the collection of items that make up an entire basketball player's uniform. Teams typically have home and away jerseys that are different colors, and possibly an alternate jersey that is a third color.

What Makes Up a Basketball Kit?

The standard uniform in basketball might look like it consists of just a jersey and shorts, but there are other personal equipment pieces that basketball players need to have a successful and safe game.

Jersey, Shorts, Socks, and Shoes

Starting with the uniform, a player is required to wear a jersey, shorts, socks, and basketball shoes. The jersey displays the player's last name and a unique number to that player, which allows the referee to differentiate the players if a foul is called. Shorts and socks are also protocol and usually given by the team.

Basketball Shoes

Basketball shoes are also required. The bottoms of the shoes are equipped to not slide across the gymnasium floor and allow players to make quick and sharp movements without losing their footing. Depending on the team, some teams present players with team shoes.


Another item in the basketball kit is a mouthguard. Since basketball is very fast paced and can get aggressive, there is a possibility that a player could take a hit to the mouth or face by another player or a ball. Mouthguards, although not always required, are beneficial for safety reasons.


Headbands and shooting sleeves are often worn by players, too. A headband can catch sweat or keep a player's hair out of their face, giving them better vision while playing. Shooting sleeves can help improve a player's arm flexibility, maintain a player's shooting form, and increase the blood circulation in that part of the body, preventing the area from getting sore while playing.

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