Basketball Jerseys

basketball jersey

What are Basketball Jerseys?

Basketball jerseys are used to distinguish the two teams playing in a game from one another and differentiate every team in a league. Jerseys have evolved over time to depict the style of a certain era; the modern basketball jersey is sleeveless with matching colored shorts. Jerseys are more often than not tucked into the shorts, but players will wear them in whatever way makes them comfortable.

Home and Away Jerseys

Teams will usually have at least 2 jerseys, with most NBA teams having 3 or more jerseys. The jerseys will be different colors and designs, the colors depending on the team's colors and the designs typically containing city or franchise-specific items. Historically, the home team wears white jerseys and white shorts while the visiting team wears a dark jersey and dark shorts.

Jersey Design

Jerseys either have a logo or the name of the team on the front, along with secondary logos on other parts of the jersey and on the player's shorts. A player's number is placed on the front and the back of the jersey along with their last name above the number on the back. Teams in the NBA are also allowed to sell a small ad patch that is placed on the front of the jersey on the right side.

Starting recently, professional basketball in the NBA has dropped limitations on the color of jerseys worn. This has allowed teams to experiment with different colors at home and on the road as long as the two teams are wearing contrasting colored jerseys.

Where to Purchase Jerseys

Professional basketball jerseys can be found for purchase online on the NBA or WNBA's websites, at the teams' arenas, or through secondary sellers and sporting goods stores.

For jerseys for your team, you can use companies like Nike or Team Sports Wear to customize jerseys and make them perfect for your team!

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