Basketball Indoor Ball

basketball indoor balls

Basketball Indoor Ball Versus Outdoor Balls

An indoor ball is a basketball that was specially designed for indoor play rather than outdoor play. Using an indoor ball in the outdoors, or vice versa, will result in an unnatural feel to the ball and worse playing conditions. The main differences between indoor and outdoor basketballs are the price, durability, and materials used to make them.

Cost of Indoor Balls

Indoor basketballs are often more expensive than outdoor balls because they are made with higher quality materials and are meant to last longer. An indoor basketball is meant to last for years under proper conditions, however, an indoor ball will be quickly ruined if exposed to rough environments such as dirty surfaces or bad weather conditions in the outdoors.

Indoor Ball Materials and Dimensions

Indoor balls are made of quality full-grain leather, while outdoor balls are typically made of rubber or composite leather. An indoor basketball is made to allow for smoother ball handling and to have more grip to reduce the slipperiness of the ball when playing.

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