Basketball Headbands

basketball headband

What are Basketball Headbands?

Basketball headbands are accessories that players can use to keep sweat out of their eyes during practices and games. Since there are not many breaks in basketball, there isn't much time to towel off. Headbands can help a player have a more smooth game and prevent eye irritations. It also helps players with vision, which is an imperative part of basketball.

There are different styles of headbands for men and women, ranging from more traditional fashion headbands to sweatbands. Players can choose their own preference and what feels comfortable during the game.

Headbands can come in a few different types. Some can be tied around the head, pushed on to the top of the head, and tucked behind the ears. Other kinds are one piece of elastic terry cloth. They are typically thicker and absorb more sweat. These can be worn directly around a player's head.

Specific headbands from popular sports brands can be bought from sporting goods stores. But, since headbands aren't required, there is not a specific kind that each player needs.

Where to Find Headbands

Basketball headphones can be found at most basketball sports stores or on websites such as Amazon. Some good options are Dick's Sporting Goods and Kohl's.

How Much do they Cost?

Headbands range widely in price. You can buy cheaper headbands for as low as $5, but these headbands are just that: cheap. Higher end headbands cost approximately $50.

If you're not sure which headband to go with, try to find a middle ground. A solid $10-15 headband should get the job done without being too cheap.

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