Basketball Finger Tape

What is Basketball Finger Tape?

Basketball finger tape is common equipment used to help a player when they injure their fingers. Because basketball is very fast paced and the ball is large, it isn't uncommon for players to experience injuries to the hand, like bent or jammed fingers. In a bind, finger tape can help alleviate some of the pain, and help the player continue in a game or practice.

Basketball finger tape

Healing and Finger Tape

Finger tape is medical tape that is used to stabilize the fingers so it can heal properly. A player typically gets their injured finger and a neighboring finger taped up. This is normally called "buddy taping," and is common among many different sports. What is convenient about taping instead of bracing is that it still allows the player to have some mobility.

Types of Finger Tape

Finger tape is an item that players can keep in their bags in case of an injury. Unless the injury is too severe, a player can continue to play in the game with wrapped fingers. An alternative to preventing finger injuries is the finger sleeve, which is an elastic band that not only supports and protects fingers from getting injured, but provides grip too. Both options are ideal because they are soft and cannot be dangerous to other players on the court. If the player had a cast or metal brace on, they would not be allowed to play due to the possibility of endangering other players.

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