Basketball Benches

What are Basketball Benches?

Basketball benches are pieces of equipment that are positioned on the sidelines out-of-bounds. They are seats for players that are not on the court and any other coaches or assistants. Basketball gymnasiums come equipped with benches for games. So although this isn't an item that players bring to games, it's an item that players and coaches use every game. A bench doesn't always have to be a physical bench. It can also be an arrangement of chairs in a line.

What is benching?

Being on the bench often has a negative connotation because all players want as much playing time as possible. Since only five players per team are permitted to play at once, the other remaining players are on the bench until they are substituted into the game. If a player plays poorly and is substituted out of the game for a replacement this player can be classified as "benched."

How does a player get benched?

Players can be benched an entire game or just a portion of the game. Coaches bench players who are not playing as well as they thought they would or could use some time to rest, calm down, or rethink their approach. Players can also be benched as punishment for misbehavior on or off the court.

Bench Players

Bench Players are players whose specific role is to come off the bench and relieve the starters until they are rested enough to come back in the game. Teams with "deep benches" are teams that have quality talent coming off their bench. Teams with a deep bench have a significant advantage as they are getting efficient play from both their starters and their bench.

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