Basketball Ball Racks

What is A Ball Rack In Basketball?

Basketball ball racks are shelves that can hold a large number of basketballs at once. They hold balls like bookshelf tiers and can be used in a number of ways during practices. They are recommended for practices, but they are not a required piece of equipment.

Ball Racks and Basketball Drills

Ball racks are ideal for drills that require a lot of basketballs on hand. One of the most common reasons coaches use ball racks during practices is for foul shooting drills, which is why ball racks are often called shooting racks. Ball racks take away the need for constant rebounds and give the player more time to focus on his shot rather than chasing after a ball.


Ball racks keep a lot of balls together in one place. If coaches always need to have a ball near them for other types of pass and shoot drills, ball racks work perfectly for easy access. They work great for organization and clean up at the end of a practice.

Three-Point Contest

Ball backs are also used in three-point contests. There are five ball rack locations spread out on the three-point line, each with five basketballs on them. The ball racks are referred to during the competition as simply racks. Of the five balls at each rack, four are standard regulation balls worth 1 point each. The fifth ball is a colored ball called a moneyball and is worth 2 points.

The racks serve the purpose of keeping track of how many balls a player has shot as well as organizing them to make transitions easy. Players only have a minute to shoot 25 shots, so the organization is important.

The flexibility of a rack is showcased by the fact that it is used in the NBA, WNBA, and NCAA three-point contests.

Moneyball Rack

The most notable rack of the contest is the moneyball rack. This rack, usually the fifth and final rack, contains five moneyballs. That means each makes during this rack is worth twice the points as a normal make.

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