Basketball Ball Pumps

What are Basketball Ball Pumps?

Basketball ball pumps are pieces of equipment that inflate basketballs for use. When the ball loses a significant amount of air, the basketball will deflate and not bounce enough to be utilized in play. The pump is an item that coaches or players can use in a matter of seconds to make basketballs useable and continue or begin play.

The pump comes with a thin hose-like structure with a small needle on one end. The opposite end has a pump, that when pumped, pushes air into the ball. The small needle is pushed into the small, black air socket opening in the basketball. With each pump, the ball inflates.

When is the Basketball Inflated Enough?

A player can ensure a ball is inflated enough when there is little give when you press into the ball. The ball should bounce strongly and reach up to the player's waist when dropped, without the player needing to bend over. If you have an air pressure gauge, you should try to pump the ball to between 7-9 psi, as this is ideal for most players.

Since ball pumps are small, they can be easily stored in a player or coach's bag. You never know when you'll need one and wish you had one!

Purchasing Basketball Pumps

Since ball pumps are so vital to basketball, as well as many other sports, they are very easy to find! You should be able to find one in any sporting goods store, whether in person or online.

Some pumps may be more expensive than others, especially when sold by a huge brand like Nike. The extra cost may be worth paying for the quality of the pump, which should last you a long time and may be easier to use than one sold by a more generic brand.

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