Basketball arm sleeves

basketball arm sleeve

What are basketball arm sleeves?

Arm sleeves are a kind of accessory used by basketball players, especially those who play games with very high intensity. They can cover the whole arm or just some area of it. Players will usually only wear one arm sleeve, but both arms is not unheard of. Casual basketball watchers often get confused on why players wear arm sleeves during games, and while it can also be considered a fashion statement, the arm sleeves do make some basketball players more comfortable.

Arm Sleeves and Blood Flow

Arm sleeves provide compression to a player's arm, increasing the blood flow in the area. That way, it takes longer for the arm muscles to get cold. This helps players stay warm when coming back off the bench. The increased blood flow is also useful for players who are coming back from arm injuries. For an injury to heal faster, it is important to have constant blood flow in the area that was hurt. They also reduce soreness the day after intense basketball activity.

Arm Sleeves and Fashion

Although arm sleeves can't make someone shoot better, they can indeed bring several physical benefits to basketball player, as well as some in-court fashion.

Basketball Arm Pads

Arm pads are slightly more protective versions of arm sleeves that have a padded elbow. They are more invasive as the material is thicker but are useful for defending the elbow or lower arm from injuries such as floor burn or from keeping a preexisting injury from getting worse. Arm pads are more likely to hinder a player's shooting ability then a sleeve.

Where to Buy Basketball arm sleeves

The most popular arm sleeves are those used by NBA players. Those can be found to purchase in the NBA Store website, where they are available in many colors and sizes. Nike, Adidas, and Under Armor make some of the more popular models of sleeve. Since it is not mandatory for players to use arm sleeves it comes down to player preference when thinking about wearing them or not.

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