Basketball Ankle Braces

basketball ankle brace

What are Basketball Ankle Braces?

Basketball ankle braces are a piece of protective equipment that a player wears directly on their ankle. This can be worn to prevent injury or after an injury to restabilize the ankle. The brace can come in a variety of forms- some lace up the ankle like a shoe, whereas others slip over like a knee pad. Both of these forms also help protect the joints in the ankle. Ankle braces that lace up are often tighter and prevent the ankle from twisting or turning in different ways. If you are uncomfortable with this limited mobility, a slip over ankle brace would be better for you and your range of motion.

Many ankle injuries can occur in a sport with as much running and movement as basketball. Especially due to how much basketball players jump and the ways in which they contort their bodies to score or play defense, landing awkwardly on ankles is a common reality of the game. Rolled and sprained ankles are likely, and ankle braces can help to support your ankles so those injuries do not happen. The braces can even be worn post-injury after an athlete makes his return to the game.

Wearing a Brace In Basketball Games

The main goal of an ankle brace is to make the game as natural and easy as possible for players. Whether players are bouncing back from an injury or trying to prevent one from occurring, ankle braces work to promote full range of motion and a safe game. Ankle braces can be purchased in the injury aisle at drugs stores, sporting goods stores, or even online. Unlike other basketball accessories, the best ankle braces are not made by the mainstream athletic wear companies, rather the doctor recommended businesses that focus on therapeutic clothing.

Even after an injury has completely healed, players will often continue to wear ankle braces due to the sense of security they give them. Ankle injurious are often painful and tedious to recover from, and extra precautions are taken to ensure that players do not reinjure themselves.

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