Basketball Air Jordans

What Are Air Jordans In Basketball?

Michael Jordan's Air Jordan shoe brand with Nike is the most iconic shoe line ever to be put into stores. The shoes have become a symbol for basketball around the world and are still worn by millions, including dozens of other NBA players.

Michael Jordan and Air Jordans

Michael Jordan, a successful college player at UNC who became the 3rd overall pick in 1984, was already extremely popular as a young star player. Nike attempted to capitalize on this success by releasing the first Air Jordan in 1985. It's a classic and most popular, with many variations still being worn today. As Michael became the face of the league, the shoes joined him, becoming some of the most popular shoes in the world. Each design was a unique take on the original Air Jordan, with many in the 90s receiving high praise. Even after Jordan's career ended, the Air Jordan line was the top-selling shoe for Nike.

Air Jordans Today

Today, the shoes are still a massive money-maker for Nike. In fact, Nike has made an entire subdivision known as Jordan Brand for Air Jordans. NBA players such as Russell Westbrook, Chris Paul, and now Zion Williamson have large deals with Jordan Brand. Clearly, Air Jordans will be a staple of Nike and the NBA for many years to come.

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