Basketball Accessories

basketball accessories

Popular Basketball Accessories

In basketball, on court accessories are used to either improve a player's performance or to express his or her personality, or at times both. Because of that, companies like Adidas, Nike, and Under Armour focus on creating unique designs and patterns for players to play with comfort and style. From headbands to the shoes, all the accessories worn by players are important.


Headbands are made of highly absorbent cloth and protect the eyes from sweat during game activity.

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Players also have been using mouthguards to protect their teeth from strong bumps. When coming out of injury in their faces, players also use a protective mask. Many players in history have used these masks like LeBron James, Kobe Bryant, and Kyrie Irving.

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Shooting Sleeves

More recently, players have been wearing basketball sleeves made of nylon and spandex. Some professional players believe it provides mild support when shooting, although many believe that is not true. Sleeves were popularized by Allen Iverson after he had an injury in his elbow, he continued to wear the sleeve after he healed and the trend caught on.


Sneakers are the most important accessory for a basketball player. Without it, players cannot play the game at the best of their abilities, as the running, jumping, and quick change of direction in basketball requires special shoes. Basketball sneakers must target stress factors encountered by players during a game; they provide strong support to the ankles, as well as great shock absorption. They must also have a good track on the court, and softer soles. However, each player has a preference when choosing what shoes to play on.


In basketball, socks have become just as important as sneakers for players. Nike Elite socks are a popular brand due to their cushion feel, and glove-like fit. These socks also take into account being stylish, and come in a variety of bright colors and patterns.



Wristbands were popular for doing the same thing as headbands, used to keep their hands and faces less sweaty.

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