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Basketball Double-Doubles

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A double-double in basketball occurs when a player achieves double-digit figures in two of the five main statistical categories during a game. Recording a double-double is an impressive feat, and the very best players do it on a daily basis.


The five statistical categories that can be included in a double-double are listed below:

Note: A player that manages to post 10 or more of two out of the five categories listed above during the course of a game has achieved a double-double.


There are several different types of double-doubles, and some occur more often than others. It is more common for a player to achieve 10+ points, rebounds, or assists than it is for a player to compile double-digit blocks or steals. For example, a relatively normal double-double would look something like 10 points and 10 rebounds, while a 10 point and 10 steal game is considered a rarity.

Averaging a Double-Double

Extremely talented players have a tendency to achieve a double-double on a game-to-game basis. This is known as 'averaging' a double-double. It is reflected in the player's season-wide statistics, with a player posting 10 points and 10 rebounds during most or all of the regular season having a seasonal average of 10 points and 10 rebounds per game.


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