Basketball Man Press

The Basics of a Man Press

There are a few basic types of a man press: half-court, ¾-court, and full court. No matter how the defensive team employs the press, it will always be in a man-to-man style defense. Each player is matched up on an offensive player providing lots of pressure that would not be applied within a normal form of man defense. Pressing up onto the offensive team offers some beneficial strengths although there are some drawbacks too. The role of each player within this defense is to pressure their man as much as possible while maintaining defensive integrity. The best defensive players are usually matched up on the best offensive players as long as they are similar in size and stature.

Basketball Man Press

Strengths of a Man Press

A man press is able to do multiple things to an opponent that a more conservative version of a defense cannot. A man press is able to force more turnovers, create more havoc, take more time off the clock for the offense, and most importantly affect the momentum of the game. A team running a man press is usually down on the scoreboard and by pressing they can easily shift the momentum by creating some quick turnovers and points.

Weaknesses of a Man Press

A man press is able to force quick turnovers and create good opportunities off of these turnovers but a composed and experienced offensive squad could pose a challenge to this style of defense. If the offensive team can break the man press, it usually leaves uneven scoring opportunities in their favor creating easy buckets for their team. They are usually losing on the defensive side or trying to turn the tide in their favor so easy buckets will not allow this to happen.