L Cut Basketball

The Basics of an L-Cut

The L-Cut in basketball is one of the most common cuts and is utilized to create open perimeter opportunities. The offensive player usually begins the cut at the low post area coming up towards the free throw line before cutting out towards the three point line and perimeter. A player without three point range can usually catch the ball at about 15-17 feet out, giving them multiple scoring options. Guards can catch out above the three point line giving an even more dynamic element.

Basketball L-Cut

Offensive Options

Upon receiving the pass, whether at 15 feet or the three point line, the offensive player should first and foremost look for the open jump shot. If the defense has already recovered, they can look to drive using the defense's momentum away from the basket against them. Taking the ball towards the baseline allows for a dump-off pass to a center or forward as well as a layup at the rim. Or, the offensive player can come back towards the middle, creating the option of a skip pass to a shooter across the court.

Defensive Options

The defense must quickly recover from the cut closing out on their offensive assignment. After closing out, they should look to stop the drive and force it into an area where another defensive player is like the middle, or a trap in the corner if possible. Staying in front upon recovery and not overextending is the key to neutralizing the L-Cut from creating good opportunities.