Basketball Coaching Clipboards

Basketball Clipboard

A clipboard is an essential piece of equipment for basketball coaches. It is very useful in helping a coach remain organized during a game. Many coaches use a clipboard to hold important information such as game plans, notes, strategies, and scrap paper. During a time out, a coach may review the game plan or strategy with their team. They may also draw up a play or scheme on the scrap paper for the players to execute once they return to the game. Some clipboards also double as dry erase boards and even have an outline of the basketball court on them. These clipboards allow coaches to easily draw up plays and schemes for the players to visualize. Another type of clipboard that coaches utilize are magnetic. For magnetic clipboards, coaches can move and arrange magnetic pieces on the board that represent players on the court.

Things To Consider

When looking for a coaching clipboard, you'll want to consider the following:

  • What are you going to use the clipboard for?
  • What features do you need on the clipboard?
  • How much money do you have to spend on a clipboard?
  • Do you need the clipboard to be a certain size?
  • What material do you want the clipboard to be made out of?


The two most common types of coaching clipboards are dry-erase and magnetic.


basketball clipboards dry erase

Dry-erase clipboards are very useful and commonly used by basketball coaches. The clipboards often contain an outline of the basketball court. With a dry-erase marker, coaches can easily draw different game plans, plays, and strategies on the clipboard for their players. The cost of a typical dry-erase clipboard ranges from $10 to $20.


Basketball Clipboards Magnetic

Magnetic clipboards are also commonly used by basketball coaches. Differing from dry-erase clipboards, magnetic boards come with mobile magnetic pieces that serve as players. These are useful for coaches to show where players should arrange themselves on the court and where they should move to when executing a play.


Basketball coaching clipboards are made out of various materials such as aluminum, foamex, hardboard, high impact polystyrene, polypropylene, and PVC.

  • Aluminum: Aluminum clipboards are sturdy and durable yet lightweight.
  • Foamex: Foamex clipboards are made from expanded PVC. They are lightweight and waterproof.
  • Hardboard: Hardboard clipboards are made from compressed wood fibers and are strong and durable.
  • High Impact Polystyrene (HIPS): HIPS clipboards are made of a thermoplastic that has high impact strength and stiffness.
  • Polypropylene: Polypropylene is another type of thermoplastic that produces a durable and lightweight clipboard.
  • PVC: PVC clipboards are very dense with great durability and strength.


Some important things to consider when looking for a coaching clipboard are durability, color, size, and cost.


It is important for coaches to use a clipboard that is durable so that it will last a long time and can withstand the travel for road games. Depending on the material they are made from, some clipboards last longer than others. Clipboards made from PVC and aluminum tend to have high strength and durability.


Basketball coaching clipboards can come in a variety of different colors. Commonly, the clipboards are available in a simple black and white colorway. However, coaching clipboards can also be customized to come in many different color arrangements to represent the colors of a specific team or school.


Basketball coaching clipboards can come in several different sizes. A typical letter size clipboard is 9 by 11 inches. However, many basketball coaching clipboards come in larger sizes. Folding clipboards are generally the largest in size and when unfolded, may reach sizes such as 12 by 21 inches.


Basketball coaching clipboards vary in price depending on their brand, size, and quality. Typically, the clipboards range in price from $10 to $20. Higher end clipboards that are two-sided with a half court and full court side can cost around $30.

What are the best coaching clipboards?

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What are coaching clipboards used for in basketball?

In basketball, coaching clipboards are used to help coaches and players stay organized during games. Coaches use the clipboards to take notes along with holding their notes for the game. They also use clipboards to draw up plays, strategies, and offensive/defensive schemes for their players during timeouts. Coaching clipboards are very useful for basketball players because they allow the players to visualize the court/game and focus among the many distractions around them.

What are the different types of coaching clipboards?

One of the most common types of coaching clipboards is the dry-erase board. These clipboards generally have a diagram of the basketball court on them and coaches can draw players, plays, and schemes on them using a dry-erase marker. Another common type of clipboard is the magnetic board. These boards come with magnetic pieces that can be moved around the board to imitate players. Many of the magnetic clipboards also serve as dry-erase boards.

How much do coaching clipboards cost?

Basketball coaching clipboards differ in price depending on a variety of factors such as the materials used, the brand, and the type of board. The clipboards are generally inexpensive, often costing between $10 and $20. Some clipboards may be more expensive due to features such as double-sided, customization, or simply having higher quality materials. Customized coaching clipboards, which can have personalized colors, fonts, and logos, are generally the most expensive and can cost around $60.