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Basketball Violation Turnovers

What is a violation in basketball? What are the violations that result in turnovers? Here is a list of violations that give the defense the ball.

Basketball Violation

A violation in basketball is when a player makes a mistake that violates the rules of the game. There are lots of violations around the rules of dribbling to how much time your team can hold onto the ball. All violations result in a turnover and the other team getting possession.

Basketball Violation

Turnovers In Basketball

A turnover in basketball is when the defense gets the ball back. Turnovers can happen from fouls, violations, steals, stepping out of bounds, and rebounds.

Basketball Turnover

Basketball Violation Turnovers

Here is a list of violations in basketball that result in turnovers - the defense getting the ball back.

You can learn more about each of these violations by reading Basketball Violations.

We've also grouped these violations into categories to help you better understand them. You can learn more about each of these violations with these tutorials.

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