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Basketball Turnovers

What is a turnover in basketball? What are the types of turnovers you should know? Get ready to learn about basketball turnovers.

Basketball Turnovers

A turnover in basketball is a change of possession without a score being made. Turnovers are triggered by effective play by the defense and offensive mistakes. The defense can force turnovers by using a press defense and setting traps.

There are five main events in a game that will trigger a turnover.

  1. Stepping out of bounds
  2. Rebounds
  3. Steals
  4. Fouls
  5. Violations

Basketball Turnover

Dead Ball In Basketball

Not all turnovers result in a dead ball. Rebounds and steals are turnovers, but the ball remains live and play continues. If a foul or violation is called by a referee, it's a dead ball and the ball and must be brought back in with a throw-in or jump ball.

Basketball Boundary Lines

The boundary lines on a basketball court are the sidelines and baselines. If a player steps on or crosses these boundary lines with the ball he is out of bounds. Stepping out of bounds results in a turnover. After a player steps out of bounds, the other team must put the ball into play with a throw-in.

Basketball Boundary Lines

You can learn more about throw-ins in Basketball Throw Ins.

Basketball Rebounds

A rebound is a when a player catches the ball after a shot attempt misses the net. Rebounds can happen off the backboard or out of the air with an airball. Rebounds are considered turnovers, but the ball remains live.

Basketball Rebound

Basketball Steals

A steal, also known as a pick, is when a defensive player takes the ball either from an intercepted pass or by swiping the ball out of the dribbler's hands. Steals are considered turnovers like rebounds and then all remains live.

Basketball Fouls

A foul is a turnover that happens when a player impedes an opposing player on the court verbally or physically. There are lots of fouls in basketball around shooting, unsportsmanlike conduct, and physical contact. Here are the types of fouls in basketball:

Basketball Foul

Basketball Violations

A violation is a turnover like a foul, but more focused on the rules of the game like dribbling, and timing rules. Here is a list of violations in basketball:

Basketball Violation

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