Basketball Triple Threat

Chapter 5.2

When a player first gets possession of ball he/she is in triple threat. Get ready to learn the power of being in triple threat in basketball.


There are three (3) ways that player can move the basketball once he/she gets possession of it:

  1. passing
  2. shooting
  3. dribbling

In this tutorial, we will learn about the meaning behind the the phrase triple threat or the ability for a player to pass, shoot, or dribble once he/she gets the ball.

Triple Threat

When a player first gets possession of the ball, he/she is in triple threat.

Rookie Road Basketball Triple Threat Image

Why Is It Called Triple Threat?

Why is it called triple threat? It's called triple threat because a player has three (3) options he/she can choose that can be threatening to opposing team. A player can:

  1. Pass The Ball
  2. Shoot The Ball
  3. Dribble The Ball

Coming Up Next

Up next, we will discuss each of these in great detail. You will learn when a player should pass, shoot, or dribble and the rules that go along with each of them.

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