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What is a basketball court? What does a basketball court look like? Get ready to learn the basics of basketball courts.

Basketball Court

The basketball court is where the game of basketball is played. Basketball can be played indoors or outside, on cement, concrete, or on wooden floors. Each team gets a hoop to defend located on both ends of the court. Teams can earn points by throwing the ball into their net.

Basketball Court

Basketball Court Parts

There are lots of parts that make up a basketball court. Some of the pieces have multiple names. Here is a list of all the components of a court you should know:

Basketball Court Lines

Every line on the court has a purpose and has an impact on the game. The following are all of the lines that make up a basketball court:

We'll learn about the court lines and their significance in future tutorials.

Three-point Arc

The three-point line (arc) surrounds each hoop and denotes if a ball is worth two or three points. Inside the three-point line is the paint, free throw line, and restricted area.

Boundary Lines

The perimeter of the court consists of the sidelines and baselines. Together these lines are known as the boundary lines. If a player steps on or crosses the boundaries, they are out of bounds. A player can come back inbounds at any time, but if they step out of bounds with the ball, it's a turnover and the other team gets possession.

Center Circle

The center circle is where jump balls take place. The midcoast line runs through the center circle and separates the court into two halves called the front court and backcourt.

Court Locations

As a player, you'll hear about the elbows, top of the key, wings, corners, low blocks, high post, and low post. These are all used by players and coaches in designing plays and strategy.

Basketball Court Areas

There are lots of places to shoot the ball from on the court. Here is a list of various areas and locations you'll hear about on the court:

We'll learn more about the court areas and their significance in future tutorials.

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