Basketball Technical Fouls

What are technical fouls? What happens when a player gets one? Get ready to learn about technical fouls in basketball.


A foul is called on any player who breaks the rules of basketball defined by in the rulebook for a league. Fouls result in free throws for the other team. A free throw is worth one (1) point if it's made.

There are two (2) main categories of fouls in basketball:

  1. player fouls
  2. team fouls

In this chapter, we will learn about technical fouls.

Technical Fouls

A technical foul is called on players for unsportsmanlike conduct. It can be called on players while they are on the floor and also while they are seated on the player benches.

Basketball Technical Foul

Here are some situations where a technical foul will be assessed:

  • a player or coach taunts another player or uses profanity
  • a player or coach disrespects an official in any way
  • a player physically attacks another player with his/her elbow

PRO TIP: It is considered a technical foul if a player calls a timeout and the limit of timeouts have been reached. It is also considered a technical foul if there are too many players on the court. The limit is five players per team.

Technical Foul Rewards

A technical foul results in both:

The rules are different at all levels of play for how many free throws are given, but it is usually one (1) free throw.

Player Foul or Team Foul?

A technical foul always counts as both a player foul and a team foul.

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