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Summary Of Basketball

What is a summary of basketball? What is the overview of everything you need to know. Get ready to recap the basics of basketball with this summary.

The Basketball Court

Basketball is a game played on a court, also known as the floor. In the NBA, the dimensions of the court measure 50ft wide by 94ft long.

Basketball Court Dimensions NBA

There is a hoop on both sides of the court where all scoring happens in a game. The hoop consists of a basket, backboard, and net. Whenever the ball goes through the rim and into the net, points are earned for a team.

Basketball Basket

Scoring Points

To score points, the ball must pass through the rim and through the mesh netting. A player must also be inbounds when shooting the ball. The three-point line surrounds each basket. If a player shoots the ball into the net from outside the three-point arc, it's worth three points. A basket is worth two points, if the ball is shot inside the three-point line.

Basketball Three-point Line

Jump Balls

At the start of every half, a jump ball takes place at the center circle to put the ball into play. On a jump ball, one player from each team jumps into the air and tips the basketball towards a teammate.

Basketball Jump Ball

Game Format

The format of a basketball game is four quarters in the NBA that last 12 minutes each. In college basketball, there are no quarters. Instead, there are two halves of game time that last 20 minutes. Overtime is used if the score is tied at the end of the 4th quarter.

Basketball Regulation

The shot clock keeps track of how much time a team can have possession of the ball. It's a shot clock violation if the shot clock hits zero.

Basketball Teams

Each team has five players on the court playing both offense and defense. A basketball team has a point guard, shooting guard, small forward, power forward, and center. Players move the ball on the court by shooting, passing, dribbling, and pivoting.

Basketball Dribbling

General Rules

Jump balls and throw-ins are used to put the ball in play. Coaches can make substitutions for their players when the ball is dead. The referees will blow their whistle and stop play if a foul or violation happens on the floor. There are lots of fouls and violations in basketball. When a player is fouled, they get free throws. A free throw, or foul shot is worth one point if the free throw shooter makes a basket from the free throw line. If a violation is called, it's a turnover and the other team gets possession of the ball. A personal foul is called on any player that makes illegal physical contact with an opposing player. An example of a violation is a shot clock violation that happens when the shot clock hits zero.

Basketball Personal Foul

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