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Basketball Substitutions

What are the rules of making a substitution in basketball? How many substitutions can be made in a game? Get ready to learn about subs in basketball.

Basketball Substitutions

A substitution in basketball, is when a coach takes a player out of the game and replaces him with another player from the bench. The benches are located on the sidelines.

Basketball Player Bench

Players that are substituted into the game must be on the team roster and on the active list. There is no limit to the number of substitutions a team can make during a game.

Basketball games last 60 minutes in the NBA and 40 minutes in college basketball. It makes sense that the same 5 players don't play the entire game. Instead, coaches make substitutions to give these players breaks and time to rest.

When Teams Call Timeouts

In basketball, teams are only allowed to make substitutions when the ball is dead and the clocks have stopped.

The referee will call a dead ball after the following situations in a basketball game:

Basketball Substitution Limit

Teams can make as many substitutions as they want through the game. If you're watching a game, you'll constantly see players coming on and off the court.

Basketball Substitution Strategy

There are lots of strategies that coaches use to get the most out of their substitutions. One such strategy is called rotations.

Basketball Rotations

A rotation is a substitution strategy used by coaches to maximize their top player's performance. Rotations are defined schedules that coaches make that define how much playing time each player gets. Rotation plans not only factor in playing time, but also break time.

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