Basketball Stepping Out-of-Bounds

Chapter 8.1

What happens if a player steps out-of-bounds while with possession of the ball? It's called a turnover!


A turnover is a change of possession without a score in basketball. There are five (5) types of turnovers in basketball you should know:

Rookie Road Basketball Turnover Summary Image

In this tutorial, we will learn about when players step out-of-bounds with possession of the ball and how it results in a turnover.

The Boundary Lines

We've already learned about the boundary lines in earlier chapters.

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Stepping On The Boundary Lines

If a player steps on or crosses any of the boundary lines (the sidelines or baselines) with possession of the ball it is considered a turnover.

Rookie Road Basketball Stepping Out-of-Bounds Image

REMEMBER: It is possible for a player to be in the air and pass the ball while out-of-bounds as long as he/she doesn't touch the ground with his/her feet.


If a player steps out-of-bounds with possession of the ball, it's a turnover. So, the other team gets the ball. The other team must put the ball into play with a throw-in.

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Throw-ins are required to put the ball back into play after a turnover from stepping on the boundary lines.

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