Basketball Steals

Chapter 8.3

It's a big deal when a defensive player steals the ball from a player on the opposing team. Get ready to learn about steals in basketball.


A turnover is a change of possession without a score in basketball. There are five (5) types of turnovers in basketball you should know:

Rookie Road Basketball Turnover Summary Image

In this tutorial, we will learn about steals and how they result in turnovers.


A steal happens when a player on the opposing team takes the ball from a player that has it in his/her possession.

Stealing the ball in basketball can change the outcome of a game. They're so important that teams will devise strategies around them. Steals can happen during a pass while the ball is in transit. Steals can also happen by hitting the ball out of the opposing player's hands.

PRO TIP: A defensive player must be careful not to make contact with an offensive player who has the ball with his/her hands, body, or forearms. This is called a personal foul and will result in free throws for the other team.

Stealing Statistics

A steal is considered a statistic in basketball and is recorded for each individual player and team. We will learn more about basketball statistics in future tutorials.

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