Basketball Shot Types

Chapter 6.3

Basketball is a creative sport in that there are so many ways for players to shoot and make baskets. Get ready to learn about some of the shot types like jump shots, hook shots, bank shots, dunks, and layups.


We've already learned about the two (2) ways teams can score points in basketball:

In this chapter, we will learn about some basic shot types players can use on the court when shooting field goals and free throws.


Whenever a ball goes into the net without touching any part of the hoop or backboard it is called a swish because it makes a swish-like sound if you listen closely.

Rookie Road Basketball Swish Image

Field Goal Shot Types

There are many ways for a player to shoot field goals. Players have a lot of tools in their arsenal for scoring field goals.

Jump Shots

A jump shot is a type of shot in basketball that is exactly what it sounds like. A player will jump in the air while making the shot. Jumping allows for a player to gain a slight height advantage over a defensive player. It also helps with timing.

Rookie Road Basketball Jump Shot Image

Hook Shots

A hook shot is a type of shot in basketball that is thrown overhand with a single hand while your body is not directly facing the basket.

Bank Shots

A bank shot in basketball is any shot where the ball hits the backboard before it goes into the net.


A dunk is when a player jumps into the air while holding the ball in attempt to push it into the net. Dunking requires a player to get high above the ground in order to place the ball in the net.

Rookie Road Basketball Dunk Image

Sometimes a teammate can even toss the ball into the air for another player to dunk.


A layup is the standard for scoring points in basketball. In a layup, a player picks a side of the basket to approach and then tosses the ball into the air either with an overhand or underhand motion towards the net. Layups can utilize the backboard or go straight into the net for a swish.

Rookie Road Basketball Layup Image

PRO TIP: A layup that doesn't use the backboard is called a finger roll because the ball rolls of the fingers of a player's hands and into the basket.


A tip-in refers to a shot that is tapped into the net by a teammate if it is rebounding off the hoop.

REMEMBER: No player can touch the hoop or net, while the ball is on it or going through the net. This is called basket interference and it's a violation.

Free Throw Shot Types

On a free throw, a player must stay behind the free throw line. That limits his/her shot types:

When shooting free throws, a player use whatever technique they feel will give them the highest free throw percentage.

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