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Basketball Shooting

What is shooting in basketball? How does a player shoot the ball? Get ready to learn about the rules of shooting in basketball.

Basketball Shooting

Shooting in basketball is a way for players to score points for their team. When shooting, a player uses one or two hands to push the ball towards the basket with the intent of having it go in the hoop.

Basketball Shooting

Basketball Shooting Rules

There are rules in basketball that describe how a player can shoot the ball. Here are the rules of shooting in basketball:

  • A player can shoot the ball from anywhere on the court as long as they stay inbounds
  • Players can use one or two hands to shoot
  • There is no limit to the amount of force a player can use when shooting
  • Players can shoot overhand or underhand
  • Players cannot kick the ball into the net

PRO TIP: Players can earn points for their team even if they bounce the ball off the floor and it goes into the net.

Basketball Shot Form

Shooting with accuracy and consistency requires skill and technique. A player's shot form is an important part of shooting field goals. When holding the ball, a player should use his dominant hand to cradle the ball and push it, while the non-dominant hand to guide it towards the hoop.

Basketball Shot Form

Basketball Why Shoot?

Here are some of the reasons why players should choose to shoot the ball on the court:

REMEMBER: If the shot clock hits zero before the ball touches the hoop or goes in, it's a turnover and the other team gets the ball. Players should always shoot if the shot clock is about to expire.

Basketball Field Goals

A field goal is a successful shot that goes into the net. Field goals are worth two or three points depending on the location of where the player shot the ball.

Three Point Field Goals

If the ball is shot from on or beyond the three-point line, the field goal is worth three points.

Basketball Three-Point Line

Two Point Field Goals

If the ball is shot from inside the three-point line, the field goal is worth two points.

Basketball Hoops

Players only earn points for their team if the ball goes through the hoop and into the basket.

Basketball Hoop

REMEMBER: In basketball, teams score points in their own basket that is guarded by the opposing team.

Basketball Inbound Passes

After a field goal is made, the opposing team gets possession of the ball and puts it back into play with an inbound pass. Inbound passes happen behind the baselines.

Basketball Inbound Pass

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