Basketball Shooting

How do teams score points in basketball? Well, they shoot the ball into their team's basket which is guarded by players on the opposing team. Get ready to learn about shooting in basketball.


When a player first gets possession of the ball, he/she is in triple threat. It is called triple threat because a player has three (3) options he/she can choose that can be threatening to opposing team. A player can:

  1. Pass The Ball
  2. Shoot The Ball
  3. Dribble The Ball

In this chapter, we will learn about shooting in basketball, its rules, and basic strategies.

Shooting The Ball

Shooting the ball is a motion a player takes to push the ball with his/her hands into the air towards the basket in hopes of having it go in. If the ball goes in the net, a team earns points.

Basketball Shooting

Rules Of Shooting

The rules of shooting in basketball are as follows...

A player CAN:

Basketball Shot Form

PRO TIP: A basket counts if a player bounces the ball off the floor and it goes into the net.

A player CAN NOT:

  • kick the ball into the basket

A Player MUST:

Goals Of Shooting

The goal of shooting the ball in basketball are as follows:

Shooting Strategies

A player should only look to shoot the ball when they are not being guarded by a defensive player. It is easier to shoot when an offensive player is not being guarded by a defensive player.

REMEMBER: The shot clock determines how long a team can have possession of the ball before a basket must be attempted. A player should always take a shot if the shot clock is about to expire.

Coming Up Next

Up next, we will learn about the last remaining option a player has while in triple threat called dribbling.

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