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Basketball Scoring

What is the scoring system of basketball? How many points is a shot worth? Get ready to learn the rules of scoring in basketball.

Basketball Scoring System

The scoring system of basketball is simple and relies on players to score baskets using the game ball. There are two ways to score points in basketball:

  1. Field goals
  2. Free throws

However, field goals can be worth one or two points depending on where the player shoots the ball on the court.

Basketball Scoring System

Basketball Hoop

To score points, a player must throw the ball into his team's hoop. In basketball, your team is trying to score points in your team's hoop that is being guarded by the opposing team.

Basketball Hoop

Team's switch hoops once during regulation after the second quarter.

Basketball Field Goals

A field goal in basketball is a fancy word for when a player shoots the ball into the net from the floor during a game. Field goals are either worth two or three points for a team.

Basketball Two Pointer

A two-pointer in basketball is a field goal that is worth two points. When a field goal is shot from inside the three-point line, it is a two-pointer.

Basketball Two-pointer

IMPORTANT: If the ball-handler is touching any part of the three-point line with his feet, his shot will count as a two-pointer.

Basketball Three Pointer

A three-pointer in basketball is a field goal that is worth three points. When a field goal is shot from outside the three-point line, it is a three-pointer.

Basketball Three-pointer

REMEMBER: The three-point line is also called the three-point arc.

Basketball Free Throws

A free throw in basketball is a shot taken by a player from the free throw line. Free throws are different from field goals in that they only happen when a player is fouled. Every free throw is worth one point.

Basketball Free Throw Line

REMEMBER: The free throw line is also called the foul line.

Basketball Penalty Situation

The number of free throws a player gets after a foul depends on the type of foul and if his team is in a penalty situation. We'll learn more about penalty situations in Basketball Bonus and Basketball Double Bonus.

Basketball Scoring System Terms

Here is a list of terms related to the scoring system in basketball:

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