Basketball Rebounds

Sometimes players miss the basket on a shot attempt during a basketball game. When this happens, the ball will fly through the air. Your team should be ready to grab the ball for a rebound.


A turnover is a change of possession without a score in basketball. There are five (5) types of turnovers in basketball you should know:

Basketball Turnover Summary

In this tutorial, we will learn about rebounds and how they can result in a turnover.


A rebound happens when a shot attempt misses the hoop and the ball is caught by a player on either team.

Basketball Rebound

However, a rebound is only considered a turnover when it is caught by a player on the opposing team. If a rebound is caught by a player on the same team it is still a rebound, but not a turnover.

Offensive Rebounds

A rebound recovered by a player on the same team is called an offensive rebound. Offensive rebounds are not turnovers.

Defensive Rebounds

A rebound recovered by a player on the opposing team is called a defensive rebound. A defensive rebound is a turnover because the other team gets possession of the ball.

Boxing Out

Rebounds are so important in determining the outcome of a basketball game that teams will devise strategies around maximizing them. One such strategy is called boxing out.

Basketball Box Out

When players box out, they stand close to the hoop, facing it while blocking a player on the opposing team. It's all about making sure that if the ball misses the hoop, your team is ready to get the rebound. We will learn about boxing out in future chapters.

Rebound Statistics

A rebound is also a statistic in basketball recorded individual players and teams. We will learn more about basketball statistics in future tutorials.

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