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Basketball Power Forward

What is the power forward player position in basketball? What is the role of power forwards on the court? Get ready to learn about power forwards and how to play PF.

Basketball Power Forwards

Power forwards are skilled players that spend most of the game inside the three-point line. Power forwards are like centers in where they position themselves on the floor.

Basketball Power Forward

IMPORTANT: The power forward is known as PF and the number four in our diagrams.

Basketball Post Player

Power forwards are known as post players because they stand near the high post and low post on the court. As a post player, the power forward will post up and shoot easy layups near the basket. Post players are also great at getting offensive rebounds.

Power Forward Roles

Power Forwards, like most positions, must be good at transitioning from offense to defense in a game situation. As a power forward, you should expect to spend most of your time inside the the three-point arc and posting up.

Power Forward Offense

When his team is on offense, the power forward is responsible for:

We'll learn more about posting up in the tutorial Basketball Posting Up

Power Forward Defense

When his team is on defense, the power forward is responsible for:

Power Forward Statistics

The following stats are important measures of success for a good power forward:

Top NBA Power Forwards Of All Time

Here are some of the best power forwards of all time to play basketball in the NBA:

  • Tim Duncan
  • Karl Malone
  • Dirk Nowitzki
  • Charles Barkley
  • Kevin Garnett

Top NBA Power Forwards in 2018

Here are some of the top power forwards in the 2018 NBA season:

  • Kevin Durant, Golden State Warriors
  • Anthony Davis, New Orleans Pelicans
  • Blake Griffin, Los Angeles Clippers
  • LaMarcus Aldridge, San Antonio Spurs

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