Basketball Posting Up

Chapter 11.6

What does it mean for a player to post up? When should a player do this? Get ready to learn about posting up in basketball.


We've already learned about the high post and the low post locations on a basketball court. The high post and low post are located just inside the paint.

Rookie Road Basketball The High and Low Posts Image

In this tutorial, we will learn about posting up or moving to these locations and the things players can do once they are there.

Posting Up

Posting up is to move in basketball towards the low post close to the basket in an attempt to establish strong positioning and to score a basket.

Rookie Road Basketball Posting Up Image

Once a player has posted up, they have a wide range of options. They can look to:

Post Players

The power forward (PF) and the center (C) are player positions in basketball that can be known as post players because they do the majority of posting up in a game.

The center (C) is usually the tallest player on the team and it is easy for him/her to score points at this location and take advantage of a weaker defensive player.

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