Basketball Player Fouls

What is a player foul? How many fouls can a player get in a game? Players must be careful not to foul out in a basketball game. Get ready to learn about player fouls in basketball.


A foul is called on any player who breaks the rules of basketball defined by in the rulebook for a league. Fouls result in free throws for the other team. A free throw is worth one (1) point if it's made.

There are two (2) main categories of fouls in basketball:

  1. player fouls
  2. team fouls

In this chapter, we will learn about player fouls.

Player Fouls

A player foul is a foul given to a particular player on a basketball team when he/she commits a foul.

PRO TIP: When a player is given a player foul it also counts as a team foul for the entire team.

Fouling Out

When a player receives a certain number of player fouls he/she is no longer allowed to play in the game. This is called fouling out.

Basketball Foul Out

The limit in the NBA is six (6) player fouls for a player. In college basketball (NCAA), the limit is five (5) player fouls for a player.

Resetting Player Fouls

Does a player's individual count ever reset during a basketball game? The answer is no. Team fouls will reset, but player fouls never reset.

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