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Basketball Pick And Roll

What is a pick and roll? How do you make a pick and roll play in 2-on-2 situations? Get ready to learn about pick and rolls in basketball.

Pick And Roll

A pick and roll is a type of offensive play in basketball, also known as an on ball screen, that is designed to get a teammate open on the court. In a pick and roll, two players are required to make a screen and a cut.

Basketball Pick And Roll

Basketball Screens

A screen is a move in basketball where you block the movement of an opposing player with your body without making illegal physical contact. On a screen, the screener gets into position and plants his feet on the floor acting like a wall to prevent the other player from getting through. An effective screen will allow your teammate to get into open areas on the court.

Basketball Screen

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Basketball Cuts

A cut is a move in basketball where a player makes a sudden change of direction on the court with quick footwork to avoid a defensive player and get open on the court.

Basketball Cut

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How To Pick And Roll

If you want to master the pick and roll, make sure to follow these steps:

  1. Decide who will perform the pick (screen) and who will perform the roll (cut).
  2. Create a signal only you and your teammate knows.
  3. Wait for your teammate to make the signal.
  4. If you're making the pick, set the screen on the defender guarding your teammate.
  5. If you're making the roll, cut towards the basket into open court

Two on Two Pick And Roll

If you're playing a two on two game, the same player that sets the screen can roll towards the basket to catch a pass from the dribbler. Follow these steps to master the pick and roll in when playing 2-on-2 pickup:

  1. Signal a pick and roll.
  2. Set the screen on your teammate's defender.
  3. Quickly cut towards the basket to get the pass from your teammate.
  4. Shoot an easy layup, dunk, or jump shot.

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