Basketball Pick And Rolls

Pick and rolls are a basic play design in basketball to help offensive players score points. Get ready to learn more about pick and rolls in basketball.


We've already learned about screens in basketball and how they are a strategy used by a basketball team on offense to create openings on the court to shoot, make passes, move towards the basket.

In this tutorial, we will learn how screens can be applied in a play design called a pick and roll.

Pick And Rolls

A pick and roll is one of the most basic strategies a basketball team on offense can employ during a game. It requires at least two (2) players to perform.

Step 1: An offensive player will set a screen on a the defensive player covering his teammate who has the ball.

At this point, both defenders are confused and are covering the player with the ball.

Step 2: The offensive player that set the screen will then moves or rolls towards the basket to catch a pass from his teammate.

Step 3: The offensive player who rolled toward the basket then makes a jump shot or layup.

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