Basketball On Offense

The team that has possession of the basketball is on offense. Get ready to learn about when a team is on offense.


At all times during a basketball game, one team is on offense and the other team is on defense.

In this tutorial, we will learn what being on offense means.

On Offense

The team that has the ball in a basketball game is on offense. Players on offense are called offensive players.

Basketball The Offense

Goals While On Offense

The goals of a basketball team when on offense are the following:

  • to keep control of the ball
  • to score points in their basket

While on offense a team accomplishes these goals by moving the ball close to their basket and making scores.

REMEMBER: In basketball, a team is trying to score baskets in their own basket. The opposing team stands in their way and is trying to stop them.

Transitions From Offense To Defense

In basketball, teams are constantly trading ownership of the ball. As a result, teams are switching from being on offense to being on defense. We'll learn all about being on defense next.

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