Basketball Movement Summary

We've learned about passing, shooting, dribbling, and pivoting. Now, let's put the whole story of ball movement in basketball together with a few examples.


We've learned all the ways a player can move the ball in a basketball game. A player can:

In addition, a player can pivot around his/her pivot foot.

In this chapter, we will summarize what we've learned relating to ball movement and provide a few examples.

Putting It All Together

Let's imagine our player gets possession of the ball from a pass, rebound. Our player is now in triple threat and has three (3) things he/she can do to be threatening to the opposing team. Our player can pass, shoot, or dribble the ball.

Basketball Triple Threat

Choosing To Pass The Ball

Our player decides to pass the ball to another player. Once a teammate catches the pass, the cycle starts over and that player is now in triple threat once again. Our new player can pass, shoot, or dribble the ball.

Basketball Passing

Choosing To Shoot The Ball

Our player decides to shoot the ball towards the basket in hopes of scoring points.

Basketball Shooting

Two (2) possible things can happen:

  1. the ball goes in the net and a score is made
  2. the ball misses and a rebound is made

In either case, a new player will get possession of the ball and that player will be in triple threat.

Choosing To Dribble The Ball

Now, let's imagine our player chooses the third option to dribble the ball. Our player can dribble for as long as he/she wants until the shot clock expires. At any point, our player can pass or shoot the ball. Our player can also choose to stop dribbling by picking up his/her dribble.

Basketball Dribbling

Choosing A Pivot Foot

If our player stops dribbling, he/she must choose a pivot foot.

Basketball Pivot Foot

Once a pivot foot is established, our player has three (3) options:

  1. Pass The Ball
  2. Shoot The Ball
  3. Pivot With The Ball

REMEMBER: If our player picks up his/her dribble he/she can not start dribbling again. This would be a violation called a travel resulting in a turnover of the ball to the other team.

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