Basketball Man To Man

Chapter 12.1

What is a man to man? When should a team use it? Get ready to learn about man to man in basketball.


A basketball formation describes how players move and position themselves on the court in relation to players on the opposing team. There are three (3) main formations that all others branch out from:

  1. Man-To-Man
  2. Zone
  3. Press

In this tutorial, we will learn about a basics of man-to-man formations.


Man-to-man is a defensive basketball formation that has every player on a team assigned another player on the opposing team.

Rookie Road Basketball Man-To-Man Image

Goals Of Man-To-Man

The goals of a Man-to-man formation are as follows:

Player Match Ups

What is a player match up? A player match up describes the strengths and weaknesses of two (2) players in how they compare to each other.

Rookie Road Basketball Player Match-up Image

For example:

Tall Vs. Short

  • Player A: Tall
  • Player B: Short

Fast Vs. Slow

  • Player A: Fast
  • Player B: Slow

Strong Dribbler Vs. Weak Dribbler

Importance of Player Match ups

In basketball, player match ups are important for designing plays, creating strategies, and choosing player formations.

Man-To-Man Player Match Ups

A Man-to-man formation utilizes player match ups assigning each player to an opposing player usually based on strengths and weaknesses.

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