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Basketball Jersey Color

What is the home team and away team in basketball? What color rules dictate the jersey and uniform of each team? Why does the home team wear white? Get ready to learn the rules of home court advantage.

Basketball Home Teams

The home team in basketball is the team that owns the court. You can always tell which team is the home team based on the logo at the center of the court, the team colors, and by the fans in attendance

Basketball Home Team

Basketball Away Teams

The away team is the team that is visiting. They do not own the playing surface. They have the disadvantage of playing on the opposing team's court.

Basketball Uniforms

A basketball uniform consists of a jersey and shorts. The uniforms of both teams must be contrasting colors so fans and players can tell them apart.

Basketball Home Team Colors

The home team wears lighter jersey colors, typically white jerseys.

Basketball Away Team Colors

The away team wears darker jersey colors, which can consist of a variety of colors based on the team's logo and branding.

Basketball Home Court Advantage

In basketball, home advantage is given to the home team. Home court advantage is an edge the home team has over the away team for the following reasons:

  • the home team owns the court
  • the home team has more fans in attendance

Basketball Cheering

As a fan, you should be ready to cheer and root for your team. You should make noise only when the other team has the ball. The reason you make noise only when the other team has the ball is because you want them to miss shots and make mistakes.

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