Basketball Isolation Plays

Chapter 11.8

An isolation play is a basic play design used by teams in certain situations. Get ready to learn more about isolation plays in basketball.


We've already learned about few basic strategies teams can use during a basketball game to gain an advantage over the opposing team.

In this tutorial, we will talk about isolation plays and how they are a great strategy for teams that have players with unique strengths.

Isolation Plays

An isolation play is just what it sounds like. It is an offensive strategy used to draw defenders away from the basket giving a player on the offense a one-on-one chance at moving toward the basket and scoring.

Goals Of The Isolation Play

The goals of an isolation play are as follows:

  • to score a basket
  • to make a one-on-one situation for the best player on your team

Isolation plays are a strategy employed at every level of play and put the strengths of a team's best player to good use.

The basic premise of an isolation play is easy to understand. Coaches can elaborate on this idea and create unique ways to put their best players in situations that favor their team's best players.

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