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Basketball Halftime

Do players ever take breaks? When is the halftime show? Get ready to learn about halftime and the exciting halftime show in basketball.


Basketball games are made up of quarters and halves. In the NBA, basketball games have four quarters. In college basketball, there are two halves in a game. Together, these quarters and halves are called regulation.

Basketball Regulation


A longer break from play called halftime happens halfway through every basketball game. In the NBA, halftime happens after the 2nd quarter. In college basketball, halftime happens after the 2nd half.

During halftime, play is suspended. Players and coaches go into the locker rooms to strategize for the next half of the game.

Basketball Halftime

Halftime Show

A halftime show happens during halftime. Halftime shows consist of a form of entertainment like a marching band, cheerleading squad, or dancing team.

Some halftime shows have contests, like having a fan try and hit a half-court shot for money. Other halftime shows have giveaways like free t-shirts for fans.

Jump Balls

After halftime, a jump ball is used to put the ball back into play.

Basketball Jump Ball

Jump balls take place at the center circle.

Basketball Center Circle

We'll learn more about jump balls and how teams put the ball into play in future tutorials.

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