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Basketball Game Clock

What is the game clock in basketball? The basketball game clock keeps track of time in each period or quarter. How much time is on the game clock? Get ready to learn about the game clock in basketball.

Game Clock

The game clock in basketball keeps track of the amount of time in the current half or quarter.

Basketball Game Clock

NBA Game Clock

In the NBA, there are four quarters that each last 12 minutes. In an NBA basketball game, the game clock will start with 12 minutes on the clock and tick until it reaches zero. Once the clock reaches zero, the quarter ends.

NBA Basketball Game Clock

College Basketball Game Clock

In college basketball, there are two halves, that each last 20 minutes. In a college basketball game, the game clock starts with 20 minutes on the clock and ticks until it reaches zero. Once the clock reaches zero, the half ends.

NCAA Basketball Game Clock

Buzzer Beaters

A buzzer beater is when a player makes a basket to win the game while the game clock hits zero. As long as the ball leaves a player's hands prior to the game clock reaching zero, then the basket will still count if it is made. Buzzer beaters are very rare, but when they happen in a game they are exciting for fans and players.

Basketball Buzzer Beater

Game Clock Stops

The game clock always ticks, but it will temporarily stop when the ball is declared dead by a referee. Here are some of the reasons the game clock stops:

Once the ball is put back into play with a jump ball or throw in, the game clock starts ticking again.

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