Basketball Foul Turnovers

Fouls result in free throws and sometimes possession for the other team. Get ready to learn which fouls result in turnovers in basketball.


A turnover is a change of possession without a score in basketball. There are five (5) types of turnovers in basketball you should know:

Basketball Turnover Summary

In this tutorial, we will learn about the fouls that result in turnovers.

Fouls That Result In Turnovers

A foul is called on a player who breaks the rules of basketball defined by in the rulebook for a league. Fouls result in free throws for the other team. The following fouls are considered turnovers:

An offensive foul is a foul that is committed by a player on the team with possession of the ball.

A technical foul is related to unsportsmanlike conduct like calling an excessive timeout, taunting another player, or using profanity in a game.

We will learn more about fouls in basketball in the next chapter.

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