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Basketball Foul Turnovers

What is a foul in basketball? What are the fouls that result in turnovers? Here is a list of fouls that give the defense the ball.

Basketball Fouls

A foul in basketball is an illegal physical or verbal action made by a player or coach on the court that breaks the rules of the game.

Basketball Foul

Fouls either result in free throws for the other team or a loss of possession called a turnover. All fouls in basketball are not created equal. Each one may be different in how they reward the opposing team.

In this tutorial, we will discuss the fouls that result in a turnover, a loss of possession, rather than free throws.

Types of Basketball Fouls

There are lots of fouls in basketball, but they can be broken up into the following categories.

Penalty Situations

A basketball team is in a penalty situation when they've reached the limit for the number of team fouls in the quarter or half. When a team is in a penalty situation, every time they foul the other team gets additional free throws. In the NBA, that first limit is called the bonus and the limit is five team fouls. Every foul after that results in two free throws.

Basketball Penalty Situation

However, when a team is not in the bonus, no free throws are taken. Instead, the other team is awarded possession of the ball. When teams commit fouls before they are in a penalty situation, the fouls result in turnovers.

Too Many Players On The Basketball Court

In the NBA, if a team has more than six players on the court, they will be given a non-unsportsmanlike technical foul. This team will lose possession of the ball if they have possession. Due to the technical foul, the other team will also get free throws based on the penalty situation.

Basketball Personal Fouls

A personal foul in basketball is when an offensive player or defensive player uses his body to hold onto another player or stop their movement in any way. When a player is called for a personal foul, it counts as both a player foul and team foul. The number of free throws for a personal foul depends on if the other team is in a penalty situation or if it was a shooting foul.

Basketball Personal Foul

The personal foul results in a turnover, where the the other team gets a throw-in on the sideline, if it was not a shooting foul.

Basketball Flagrant Foul

A flagrant foul in basketball will be called on any player injures another player with an aggressive physical action. If a player is called for flagrant foul, the other team gets two free throws and possession of the ball with a throw-in at the free-throw line extended on the sideline.

Basketball Free-throw Line Extended

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