Basketball Dribbling Violations

We've categorized all violations in basketball. Get ready to learn about violations related to dribbling in basketball.


A violation is called on a player who breaks the rules of basketball defined by in the rulebook for a league. Violations result in possession of the ball for the other team.

In this chapter we will learn about violations relating to timing rules of the game.

Basketball Dribbling Violations Summary


Dribbling the ball in basketball is the continuous motion by a player using a single hand to bounce the ball repeatedly off the floor. The motion looks like this:

Basketball Dribble

Traveling Or Walking

A traveling violation will be called on a player who does any of the following while in possession of the ball:

It is called walking when a player holds the ball in the air while moving.

Palming Or Carrying

A palming violation will be called on a player who uses both hands to dribble. It is called carrying when a player lifts the ball into the air with the palms of his/her hands while dribbling.

Double Dribble

Players with the ball cannot dribble with two (2) hands. It's called a double dribble whenever a player breaks this rule. This violation results in an immediate turnover of the ball.

All of these dribbling violations result in an immediate turnover of the ball to the other team.

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