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Basketball Defense

What is the defense? When is your team on defense? What are the types of defenses? Get ready to learn about the defense in basketball.

Basketball Defense

The team without the ball is on defense. Players on defense are called defensive players. The other team is on offense and has possession.

Basketball Defense

On Defense

When a team is on defense, they have the following goals.

Basketball Transitions

Teams are constantly switching from offense to defense in a basketball game. Teams switch possession after scores are made and turnovers.

REMEMBER: The same five players on the court transition from offense to defense and vice versa.

Types Of Basketball Defenses

There are lots of defenses in basketball. Here is a list of the types of defenses you should know.

A good defense will also master the following skills:

Basketball Zone Defense

A zone defense is a type of defensive formation that assigns each defensive player an area on the court to defend. When creating a zone defense, you can position your players anywhere on the court, but most zones are in the corners, paint, top of the key, or near the three-point line and midcourt line. A class zone defense is called the 2-3 zone.

Basketball Zone

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Basketball Man To Man Defense

A man to man defense is a type of defensive formation where each defensive player is assigned an offensive player to defend. When playing a man to man defense, your team should practice defending against screens and cuts.

Basketball Man To Man

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Basketball Press Defense

A press defense, is a type of defensive formation where teams apply pressure either in the half-court or full-court. Press defenses are designed to force turnovers by setting traps and steals. You may have heard of a half-court press or full-court press which describe where on the court defensive players will start applying pressure on the dribbler.

Basketball Press

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