Basketball Court Locations

Chapter 1.5

You may hear phrases about a player's location on the basketball court while watching a game. What are the corners? What are the wings and elbows? Where is the top of the key? Get ready to learn about these locations on a basketball court.


We've already learned about the major lines, dimensions, and components on a basketball court. Now, let's finish off this chapter with a discussion of some of the locations on a basketball court you may hear about.

There are five (5) locations on a basketball court that you should know:

  1. The Corners
  2. The Wings
  3. The Top of The Key
  4. The High Post and Low Post
  5. The Elbows

PRO TIP: These locations are used all the time in play design by coaches describing where players should position themselves on the court.

The Corners

The corners are located at the four (4) corners of a basketball court just outside the three-point line.

The Corners Image

The Wings

The wings are located near both sidelines on the court.

The Wings Image

Top Of The Key

We've already learned about the paint. Just above the paint is a a small arc. The apex of this small arc is a location known as the top of the key.

The Top of the Key Image

High Post And Low Post

The high post and low post are two spots located inside the paint.

The High and Low Posts Image

PRO TIP: You may hear a phrase called posting up. This is a basketball strategy that we will learn about in future chapters that involves the low post.

The Elbows

On both ends of the free throw line are the elbows.

The Elbows Image

All of these locations on a basketball court are important for you to know because they are used in play design and for describing player positioning on the court.

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