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Basketball Court Locations

What are the areas of a basketball court? Where are corners? What are the wings and elbows? Where is the top of the key? Get ready to learn about the shooting spots on the court in basketball.

Basketball Court Areas

A basketball court has lots of places to take high percentage shots. As a player, coach, or fan you should know the following areas on the court:

  1. The corners
  2. The wings
  3. The top of the key
  4. The high post and low post
  5. The elbows

PRO TIP: These locations are used all the time in play design by coaches describing where players should position themselves on the court.

The Corners

The corners are at the four edges of the basketball court just outside the three-point lines. The corners are great for shooting three pointers.

Basketball Corners

LINGO ALERT: Making a three pointer or trey from outside the three point arc is called making a shot from downtown.

The Wings

The wings are located near both sidelines on the court. Like the corners, they are an excellent location for getting the ball down the court while finding openings in the defense.

Basketball Wings

Top Of The Key

The top of the key is a small arc on the court located just above the paint. The top of the key is a great location to practice making jump shots and hook shots.

Basketball Top of the Key

High Post And Low Post

The high post and low post are located inside the paint. Post players, like the center position, use the posts to make easy buckets.

Basketball High and Low Posts

PRO TIP: A basketball strategy called posting up utilizes the high post and low post. A post player will move into these positions to make an easy 2 point basket.

The Elbows

On both ends of the free throw line are the elbows. The elbows are on both sides of the free throw line. The elbows are great shooting locations like the top of the key. As a player, you should practice shooting from the elbows since it is the same distance to the hoop as standing on the free throw line.

Basketball Elbows

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