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Basketball Boxing Out

What is boxing out in basketball? Players should box out opposing players to get rebounds and possession of the ball off the glass. Get ready to learn about boxing out techniques in basketball.

Basketball Boxing Out

Boxing out in basketball is a strategy used by both the offense and defense on the floor to increase the chance of getting rebounds. There are many ways to box a player out, but the basic idea remains the same. When the ball is in the air, you should get into position close to the backboard in anticipation of catching the rebound.

Basketball Boxing Out

Here are the steps to be effective at boxing out in basketball:

  1. Choose a player to box out.
  2. Get as close as you can to the net.
  3. Face the net directly in front of the player you are boxing out.
  4. Use your butt to distance yourself from the other player.
  5. Spread your arms out like an eagle and wave them up and down, not allowing the opposing player to reach through.
  6. Prevent the other player from moving towards the basket.
  7. Once the ball is in the air, move into position and grab it!

REMEMBER: When boxing out, you must be careful not to draw a personal foul. You can learn more about the rules of personal fouls in Basketball Personal Fouls.

Basketball Man To Man

Boxing out is a great strategy to use when playing man to man, since every player is assigned an opposing player to defend.

Basketball Man To Man

Basketball Rebounds

Rebounds happen when a shot misses the net after hitting the backboard or falls out of the air for an airball. On a rebound, the ball is uncontested and any player can claim it. It's an offensive rebound if it's caught by the offense and a defensive rebound if caught by the defense. Rebounds are so important to the outcome of a basketball game that they are highly recorded statistics.

Basketball Rebound

Defensive rebounds are considered turnovers. You can learn more about turnovers in Basketball Turnovers.

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